Anosum Cream - Prescription Required
  • Anosum Cream - Prescription Required
  • Anosum Cream - Prescription Required

Anosum Cream

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Anosum Cream is a medicine used in the treatment of anal fissure (tear in the lining of the anus). It kills the infection-causing bacteria and promotes the healing of fissures. It also blocks the transmission of pain signals to the brain which decreases pain sensation.

Additionally, Anosum Cream forms a protective coating on the affected area and prevents any irritation, pain, or burning sensation in the anus. This promotes wound healing and protects the affected area from further injury. 

Anosum Cream should be used in the dose and duration as directed by your doctor. Clean and dry the affected area and gently apply it over the affected area. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before and after applying this medicine. Do not stop using it suddenly without talking to your doctor, as it may lead to worsening your condition.

Avoid getting it into your eyes, nose, or mouth. In case of accidental exposure, wash them with plenty of water and seek medical attention. You should stop using it and inform your doctor if you notice worsening of the infection or if you develop increased redness and irritation.

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